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500,000 Phideas Watches for e-Health Deployed in China – Project Cooperation Sought

15 August 2017
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Shenzhen, August 2017 – 500,000 elderly people are now wearing Phideas Watch for e-Health in China to facilitate remote health monitoring to hospital doctors and carers. Each smartwatch is equipped with various sensors constantly reporting data of medical interest – such has heart rate measurements – to servers. Phideas is now looking for partners to expand the market and undertake a cooperation project.

e-health smartwatch

Since we now have all the data we can get we’re now talking to partners in order to bring the product to the next stage. “We have a pretty good idea of what to do with all that data and want initially tackle heart abnormalities. Furthermore we want to expand our market within China and internationally particularly in the US and in EU. However we cannot bring such a project on our own and are now looking for people to help us bring this project the next level. Our mission is to act before something bad happens and make this technology available to the people who need it the most. And that’s exactly what we want to do here.” says Alfonso de Arribas de Renedo – CEO of Phideas.

Phideas is currently looking for support from government authorities, EU and Chinese institutions, financial organisations, complementary technology companies and system integrators or/and distributors to move this project forward and market expansion. If this is a project you’re willing to contribute to feel free to contact us.


Phideas e-Health is an innovative connected health platform for the remote monitoring of elderly and vulnerable people and patients. The system which comprises a smartwatch and a cloud server for medical reports generation is widely deployed in hospitals and nursing homes across Mainland China. Phideas e-Health is being used for the remote monitoring of the health of elderlies, patients, people suffering of Alzheimer and other medical conditions. It was recently broadcasted on China’s CCTV-1 – see

The Phideas Watch is available to health monitoring solutions providers ad system integrators. For detailed information on the Phideas Watch [click here]