Smart Geolocation Wearables

smart mobile geolocation tracker

Over the years we’ve accumulated a great deal of mobile knowledge which spans from building a smart geolocation wearable tracking device from scratch and programming it to developing complex reusable mobile libraries and wearable components that considerably shortens the time to market. We’ve created development kits with APIs  that easily integrate in third-party frameworks to provide wearable solutions features that are normally complex to develop such as smart geolocation, bio telemetry, augmented reality, encryption, biometrics and more.

When it comes to geolocation our expertise is second to none. From day one accurate geolocation determination and immediate reporting in case of emergency has been key at Phideas. Geolocation is critical when it comes to applications such as patient monitoring, elderly monitoring, children safety, lone worker protection, etc. Our geolocation based libraries can be incorporated seamlessly in wearable projects. We can also carry on geolocation research for your organisation.

We’ve developed learning systems capable of detecting when a highly unusual situation is happening. Our Smart Monitoring Technology eliminates the burden of constant active monitoring allowing carers and personnel to fully concentrate on what they do best with the satisfaction that they will be alerted in case of necessity. At Phideas we’re involved in connected health research where remote patient monitoring plays an important role.

Phideas is involved in geolocation based, wearable, Internet of Things, Big Data and everything else that is connected to mobile R&D. Our solutions are essentially used in connected health, fitness tracking and personal safety projects. Our mission is to combine the most advanced technologies to protect and cherish life.