Bespoke Development

Staying ahead of the competition with quick time to market, timely and cost effective product innovations is critical. Leading companies with numerous projects and brilliant new concepts can often lack the resources and expertise to realise their goals. Sound project management, relentless focus and good team efforts coordination are essential to bring projects to success.

wearable bespoke development services in Ireland UK France Spain US by Phideas

Phideas has the skills and experience running challenging projects, taking major responsibilities and delivering outstanding results on time. We dramatically reduce the risk of the client in product innovation thanks to our expertise and ownership coupled with the option of fixed price contracts.

Our Approach

We take the time to listen and understand the needs and the requirements of our clients, align our goals with theirs and remain consistently attentive. We organise our teams to interlink with the clients key individuals, effectively leveraging their IP and combined team competencies.

Whilst creating innovative solutions and pushing the technical envelope Phideas has the experienced eye to remain focused on the final product application throughout the development project. Demanding projects rely heavily on the technical and commercial judgement of key individuals and Phideas rigorously makes these assessments and recommendations to streamline the program decision making.

We ensure the requirements are met and completed on time and within budget by assigning each project with a dedicated Phideas project manager and following robust processes.

Our people work closely with the clients teams starting from jointly deriving the requirements – supporting business case evaluations included, feasibility studies and feature decisions. Our systems adapt to mesh with the individual client’s processes to support milestones, deliverables and tracking matrices for each project phase. We cover projects from early proof of concepts to post-production support including user training, trouble shooting and upgrades. Throughout the development our partnership approach ensures we are continuously adding substantial value to our client. We manage changes in scope and overcome challenges with open and trusting communication.

Our Skills

  • Multi-site project management
  • Multi-disciplined teams
  • Industry specific quality and regulatory standards
  • Total system engineering for real-time wearable and embedded systems
  • Commercial evaluation and costing

Specialist Areas

  • New product innovations
  • Technology leaps for current product upgrades
  • Leading-edge proof of concepts
  • Taking concepts through to production
  • Real-time geolocation based wearables
  • Remote health monitoring – Biotelemetry
  • Cost reducing complex products

Typical Project Documentation

  • Project Proposal – Detailed presentation of project scope, responsibilities, technical proposal and quotation
  • Business Case – Presents the commercial viability for a product or platform
  • Project Plan – Details time-scales, resource needs and project costs.
  • Feasibility Report – Details the result of a feasibility study (inc. risk assessment and development recommendations)
  • Risk Analysis – Continuously updated risk register including mitigation strategies
  • Requirements Specification – Describes client’s product requirements
  • Design Documents – Describes the system, electronics and software solutions to meet the requirements and business goals
  • Status Reports – Used for weekly update meetings with clients to show progress and identify issues
  • Product BOM – Identifying all elements including costing, suppliers and availability
  • Test Specifications – Integration, acceptance and validation test definitions
  • Acceptance Test Report – Measurement of product performance against requirements
  • Production Readiness – Detailing critical characteristics, testing and programming requirements