Project Development Consultancy

An in-depth project assessment in the early stages of development provides invaluable knowledge of the real scope of a project to make the right decisions on the time to be invested and resources. Phideas assessment process gives a complete technical and commercial project overview to clients often for a long term platform solution. This lays out how the product development will be structured, identifies risks and mitigations and shows a clear timing path to project delivery. This project assessment forms the vital first phase in the overall project which is often structured in five steps as shown below.

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Project Lifecycle in Five Steps

  1. Project assessment and requirements
  2. MVP concept demonstration
  3. Ongoing detailed design and test
  4. Integration and validation
  5. Manufacturing

Assessment Process & Deliverables

Product Requirements

Jointly analyse the product and operational environment to determine the features, key interfaces, performance and functional requirements and delivery of agreed product requirements document.

Architecture Design

Review the design and test specifications, the functional, performance and environmental requirements. Define the top level architecture and interfaces. Delivery of architecture design document covering hardware and software subsystems as well as all interfaces and estimated performance results.

Selection of Critical Components

Identify the critical components and evaluate a selection of potential parts with rankings against criteria defined by client and Phideas. Delivery of critical components list including recommendations and ranking of options.

Design Tools Definition

Assessment of the software architecture, tools and processes to formulate a software development strategy. Delivery of software development strategy document including suggested tools.

Development Planning

Assessment of the client’s project timing requirements and key deliverables against the technical challenges and risks. A development plan split into key phases with clearly defined inputs and deliverables for each phase is produced.

Commercial Analysis

Identification of detailed product costs against targets and delivery of a costed product BOM and development costing.

Project Risk Analysis

Analysis of the technical, costing and timing risks including the probability, preventative actions and mitigation plan. A risk analysis document is delivered.

Initial Assessment Package

Overview Requirements

Review of the high level product requirements including key interfaces, performance and functional requirements and delivery of summary requirements listed and considered in the technical approach.

Architecture Design

Review of the overall design and performance requirements and delivery of software and hardware architecture proposal.

Critical component Choice

Identification of the critical components, evaluation of options, recommendation of parts and delivery of critical components proposals.

Development Planning

Assessment of the development requirements and client’s timing to produce a top-level phased development plan and project cost. A high level project plan and development quotation document is delivered.

Project Risk Analysis

Analysis of the main risks including the probability, preventative actions, mitigation plan and delivery of key risks analysis.