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15 March 2015

In-Device Intelligence

Back in 2002 our initial solution involved a wearable device to be carried by the person whose location and vitals are to be monitored and capable of determining by itself if a life threatening situation is occurring and automatically send an alert so most pertinent contacts are immediately notified and can act quickly. Over the years we have gained considerable expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to the point of being capable of making wearables capable of evaluating the likelihood of a condition that may require short to medium term attention. We’ve also assisted companies develop mobile projects where AI plays a key role such as computer vision for facial recognition in biometric authentication.

Indoors/Outdoors Positioning

Indoor/Outdoor positioning is our core expertise at Phideas. As a matter of fact the solution we founded Phideas for is an Advanced & Smart Electronic System called Gabriel™ to protect children against abductions where smart geolocation plays a critical role. That system we filed a patent for in 2004 also involves early warning and machine learning.

Internet of Things

In our solutions we’re always looking at making devices communicate with each other in order to solve a particular problem. As such peer-to-peer communications between electronic monitoring devices either via bluetooth low-energy, WiFi or cellular networks has always played an important part. We’ve done considerable R&D on connected objects always looking into communications security.