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Phideas CEO to travel to China for EU Commission

30 April 2015

Dublin, Thursday April 30th 2015. We are pleased to announce Alfonso de Arribas de Renedo – CEO & Founder of Phideas – will be traveling to China next week as a delegate from EU along with ten other delegates of the EU Commission, the city of Dublin and the city of Barcelona.

The overall objective of the mission is to establish a mechanism for knowledge exchange among the European cities of Dublin and Barcelona and the Chinese cities of Chengdu and Wuhan on specific thematic areas related to urban development. More specifically the aim will consist in identifying and developing concrete actions that can be implemented by the involved cities in the short term and that contribute to the opening of new markets for EU companies around the issue of urban/regional innovation and sustainable development. The twinning sessions in Chengdu and Wuhan will include field visits on Urban Innovation and working meetings on bilateral economic cooperation.

To support the implementation of the programme Dublin has been asked to lead on a project to work with the cities of Chengdu and Wuhan in China. Barcelona – one of Dublin’s twin cities – will work with Dublin on this project.

At Phideas we are delighted to be involved in the EU mission to Chengdu and Wuhan and we look forward to contributing to the development of new links between European and Chinese public and private organisations for urban innovation and sustainable development. In the words of our CEO we are eager to develop a good guanxi with Chinese organisations in order to assess the best way to work together on urban innovation as to improve the quality of life of citizens in the cities.